rsz_1sam_1552Nora Sandigo is the Executive Director of Nora Sandigo Children Foundation and American Fraternity Inc., both non-profit, non-partisan organizations in Miami, Florida serving the local and national community of immigrants in the United States. With more than 25 years of service, Mrs. Sandigo has had the pleasure of working with great community and government leaders to enact legislation such as NACARA, which helped a great number of immigrants in the United States.

Mrs. Sandigo does not work to promote political campaigns or any party in specific. She works to promote justice and equality for minorities and immigrants. She is relentless about the cause of those who do not have a voice, and she is passionate about defending and promoting democracy in Latin America and the world.

The current immigration policies in place in the United States are causing U.S. citizen children to experience severe hardships due to the effects immigration raids and deportations are having on them. Thousands of children have been separated from their parents, and as their families have been abruptly taken apart, so have their emotional and economic stability. These children are being robbed of the beauty and magic of their childhood.

rsz_img_1682Mrs. Sandigo has traveled to Washington, D.C. on numerous occasions with different groups of these U.S. citizen children, so that they could petition President Obama to stop raids and deportations until Congress grants a full and comprehensive immigration reform. Together, those children have stood strong in our nation’s capital, fighting for their civil and human rights while also representing their parents whom have been deported or arrested.


Children should be the priority when implementing any legislation that could potentially hinder their development according to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Right now, Nora Sandigo is working on various projects and campaigns, the “Don’t Leave Me Alone” project being one of them.
Nora Sandigo’s work has been recognized all over the world by numerous civil and governmental organizations. She has received the “The Flag of the United States of America”, the key to the City of Miami, “Outstanding Latin Woman”, the Hispanic American Service Award of the Year, Unsung Heroine Award, and an International Award from the Central American Parliament. Both American Fraternity and Nora Sandigo have also been given their own days. Recently, she was given the “Hero of the Year” Award by People Magazine and the “Positive Impact” Award.

Mision & Vision

Our mission is to serve and educate in local communities, children at risk and their immigrant families by helping them integrate and adjust to American society, culture and legal processes. We seek to empower people by making them aware of their rights and duties, equipping them to become active members of their communities in order to help create a better tomorrow at the local and national levels.

Our vision is to educate people of all different backgrounds, ethnicity, and nationalities in an effort to promote equality and help develop communities where children can grow and become whatever they dream. We seek to accomplish our goals through the implementation of educational projects and partnerships with governmental, educational and civic institutions to provide for the needs of these children.

We seek to help spread a message and a purpose of equality and justice for all.